DevOps Amsterdam Privacy Statement

At DevOps Amsterdam, privacy is a top priority. 

We handle personal data with care and adhere to European privacy legislation (GDPR).

Below is a more detailed description of how we apply this.

Why do we collect personal data?

We collect data that we need to carry out our work as an intermediary and secondment.  Our goal is to propose suitable and interested candidates to our clients for the vacancies or assignments they have, with a view to successful placement (acceptance, secondment) of the candidate with our client. 

To do this we need among other things, contact information from candidates, information about education, work experience, availability, salary requirements, test results and references.

What do we collect?

We collect the following information about candidates (may vary per assignment):

• Name and address details (name, address and place of residence)

• Phone number and email address

• Gender

• Date and place of birth

• Nationality

• Work experience, internships and volunteer work

• Education, courses and training

• Motivation

• Availability

• Salary wishes

• Photo

• Results of tests

• Work permit

Why are we allowed to collect this personal data?

We are legally permitted to collect this personal data from candidates


• Candidates have given us permission to collect this data.

• We have a legitimate interest in doing so, whereby we carefully consider

our interests and those of the candidate.

How long do we keep this personal data?

We do not store data from candidates for longer than necessary. If we believe that we have a candidate will never reasonably be able to mediate towards a job or assignment with our clients, we will receive the personal data of this candidate within four weeks

remove. If we see sufficient possibilities for a successful mediation now or in the

future, we will keep the personal data longer.

Sharing personal data with third parties

We may share personal data of candidates with our clients. We will do this only

after the candidate has given permission to do so. For processing personal

data of candidates, we use the services of third parties, including, for example,

software suppliers. We conclude a processing agreement with those third parties in which

agreements are made about confidentiality, security and the guarantee of rights.

Guarantee of rights

As a candidate whose personal data we have stored, you have rights, which we will recognise at all times.

This concerns the following legal rights:

• the right to see which personal data we have stored;

• the right to have incorrect data corrected;

• the right to transfer personal data;

• the right to have personal data removed.

To exercise these rights, please contact us